Tryna Cooper is a life-long entrepreneur, business leader, local community activist, and spiritual teacher. She grew up in Colorado, has been married for forty three years to her partner Larry, has three children, and nine


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Journeys for Conscious Living is pleased to meet you! We are honored to be able to serve you, and our commitment is to provide a broad offering of services that fulfill personal and professional development needs to the delight and complete satisfaction of you and our community through you. We are diligent in upholding the integrity of our operating principles.

including workshops, seminars, symposiums, expos and international journeys. Larry is a partner at Journeys for Conscious Living in Arvada. He and his partners work to provide community experiences, meetings, events and thought leadership that inspire and empower the world! Collectively, we support others who are looking to live a life of higher consciousness, passion and purpose through meetings, events and education for empowering individuals and their businesses to reach their highest potential. Our organization supports self-awareness through positive lifestyle choices and business growth. Larry's contagious laughter can lighten the energy and mood in any room...he loves to laugh while at the same time making you feel important and cared for.

​Larry has been a key note speaker at industry conventions and has given hundreds of lectures over the past twenty years. He offers seminars and workshops on a variety of topics. Larry served as a city councilman and commissioner for 10 years. He lead efforts working on community building and finding resources for the citizens of Broomfield Colorado. Larry chaired the citizens' campaign to change the City of Broomfield from a City located in 4 Counties to becoming the first new City and County in Colorado in 100 years. The campaign was successful and City and County of Broomfield just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Larry Cooper and his wife Tryna founded Textile Consultants, Inc. in 1975. He is an experienced business owner from the cleaning and restoration industry with over 36 years' experience. Larry and Tryna owned and operated the largest independent Cleaning and Restoration operation in Colorado with over 80 employees cleaning over 25 million square feet per year and performing an average of 500 water restoration jobs a year.​

​Larry also served as President of the Institute of Inspection. Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for 4 years and then served on the IICRC Board of Directors for 19 years. The IICRC has over 65,000 certified people at this time. Larry chaired the IICRC Standards Committee for 12 years and oversaw and managed the development and writing of the S500 Water Damage Standard, the S520 Mold Remediation Standard, the S100 Carpet Cleaning Standard, and the S300 Upholstery Cleaning Standard. He is currently working on the S600 Carpet Installation Standard and the S800 Carpet Inspection Standard. Larry is a paid technical consultant to the IICRC for the continued development and updates to the IICRC Standards and works with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in getting the IICRC Standards approved as National Accepted Standards.

  • Our commitment to a quality experience
  • Our attitude demonstrates the highest levelo of responsiveness
  • We believe that outstanding people, working as a team, provides the best experience
  • We see our team as individuals to be treated with respect with sensitivity to their needs
  • We embrace our contribution to the communities in which we serve

Larry Cooper

grandchildren. Tryna is a co-owner of several small businesses, including Textile Consultants, Inc, and Meetings and Events, LLC, and was recipient of the Blue Chip Enterprise Award for small business. She has served on non-profit boards in the cleaning and restoration industry and in human services, focusing on education and community needs, and was an integral part of the statewide campaign to create Colorado's newest county. Tryna holds a Master of Metaphysics Certification through the Self Actualization and Enlightenment Center.

Through experience, Tryna has found the balance and bridge that blends business, family and a spiritual life and intends to share her experience through her newest co-creative business partnership, Journeys For Conscious Living, Inc. (J4CL). Through J4CL, she strives to help others to become sacred activists and to create awareness and balance in their own lives in order to reach their fullest potential and expression as spiritual human beings. Tryna's warm, caring heart and grounded presence makes her feel like a warm hug when you are around her.

Tryna Cooper

Tryna and Larry appreciate the trust their clients and community have in them. They invite you to call the office at (303) 731-6695 to discuss how they can best work together with you. They look forward to meeting with you and becoming part of your personal and professional growth team. Please contact us so we can help empower your heart's desires, your goals, and dreams.

Larry Cooper loves to create and produce inspiring events and gatherings that have an impact on people's lives. He is the managing partner in Meetings and Events, LLC (ME). ME produces the Connections Conventions and Trade Shows and dozens of other events