Conscious Living
By Tryna Cooper, Journeys For Conscious Living Arvada, CO

Have you ever driven for miles only to realize that you had done the whole trip on automatic and you couldn't remember the journey?  Or you instantly react to someone or something, and you wonder why you reacted that way?  Or maybe you just notice, that you just don’t notice? It happens to most people. Things become so automatic that a person just slips into the subconscious or unconscious, and moves about their day.

As we grow up, we develop our own patterns, strategies and beliefs through our experiences.  If repeated enough, or traumatic enough, these experiences settle into our subconscious and unconscious, and are used automatically whenever needed. However, our lives are always changing, and in particular, we find that living our lives on automatic, based on old patterns and beliefs, really doesn’t work.

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Choose Meditation - Get Into “The Zone” - To Change Your Life
By Tryna Cooper, Journeys for Conscious Living

 Have you ever had a day when your mind was chattering so much that it seemed like it was a nonstop, run-on sentence.  Or a day when the tension builds to a point when you think you are going to break?  Kids?  Work?  Commitments?  Deadlines?  - Or are you looking for a way to bring more creativity, happiness, flow and harmony into your life?  There are techniques and practices you can use to develop focused concentration, a strong calm center, clear mind, creativity and your deeper personal resources and strength.  Meditation is one of those practices.


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​Simple Tips For Staying Healthy
By Tryna Cooper, Journeys For Conscious Living, Arvada CO

cience has proven that most diseases, in order to survive, need an environment that is oxygen-deficient, with a body pH that is acid, is full of sugar, and out of balance. 

Unfortunately, many people in the US contribute to that body environment with the consumption of processed foods, GMO’s, refined sugars and flours, and a lack of exercise. 

Our external environment also exposes our bodies to chemical cocktails in the products we use on our bodies and in our living environments,

which are absorbed into the body and add to the imbalance.

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